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Download - Core program:

Version 4.14 - requires HCSCI plugin v.1.0.79 or later

PlatformLast Updated
Raspberry Pi 1/2/3/4 07 July 2021
Linux 32-bit
Linux 64-bit
Windows 32-bit
Windows 64-bit

Instrument Panel modules:

Panel moduleLast UpdatedOptimal LCD sizeNotes
Basic Six (Included) 25 May 2021--info page
Baron B58 25 May 2021--info page
Bonanza A36 25 May 2021----
King Air (B200) 07 July 2021--info page
Piper PA44 25 June 2021----
Cessna 172 25 June 202123 - 27"info page
Cessna 210 07 July 2021----
Robin DR400 25 May 202118" wide (from 15")info page
Baron B58 old (v3) layout 25 May 2021----

Instrument (standalone) modules:

Instrument moduleLast UpdatedOptimal LCD sizeNotes
Radio panel (test) 25 May 2021Anyinfo page
EFIS-84 (EADI + EHSI) 07 July 2021--info page
FMS CDU modules 02 Feb. 2021--info page
Boeing MFD LDU + 2xCDU (combined) 25 June 202119-21" wide--
Standalone EOAP (annunciator panel) for MD-80 25 May 20217,5" - 8", wideBlog page
VM1000C Engine Monitoring System 25 June 2021--
Standalone M803 Clock 02 Feb. 20212.2" LCD--
Standalone SYS65 Autopilot module 25 May 2021----
Standalone KAP140 Autopilot module 14 June 2021----

Note: some of panels in the list above are in the development state or planned to be added.

The program needs to be run on a separate computer connected by LAN to the computer running X-Plane with HCSCI Plugin.

When the plugin is searching for connections, it will find HCSCI Panel automatically. A panel module must be loaded into HCSCI core program for the connection to be established.

Though we have a set of several panels only, we can make any specific panel, especially if you can provide all information (docs, good quality photos, graphics). The only factor is the time available to do this, since we spend much of it on HCSCI Cockpit Interface development and improvements.

CHANGELOG - (click to open the full HCSCI Panel v4 / SimVimPanel v4 Version history)

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