Ver 1.0.71

1. As some users have requested, an "inversion" option in the plugin menu has also been added for 3-position switch along with this option being available for toggle switches and encoders.

It was more complicated - many things needed to be changed and synchronized in the program in for a 3-position switch configuration. The problem was that the switch can have 3 (or 4) commands or one dataref with 3 values - it's good, but there are also many switches that are controlled by up/down commands with one reference dataref, and switches where a particular position is held for a continuous command, and all of this required a completely different approach to inversion than a simple switch or encoder...  Changing wires was simpler.
Anyway, this feature is implemented, but you need to test it, in case some issues appear.

2. The same option was added for analog inputs.

3. The plugin doesn't send a request to available serial ports anymore, this was left in only for detection of the older firmware versions, but supposing the users now all have new firmware, there's no more need for it. This should reduce potential conflicts with other serial devices.

Reminder: since v 68 every next firmware update always will be uploaded to the master board by plugin automatically (for USB version), you have nothing to do, Firmware updates can be very rare, even once a year, compared to plugin updates (maybe several times a month).

4. Converter: (to be added, not available yet):

Some parameter names in the database used for input and output (the same parameter can be assigned as button as well as a LED). But in custom-made planes the button and annunciator usually are controlled by different datarefs or command and dataref.

Considering this, we've added the option to the converter  that will allow to use a single parameter both for a control switch and for a related LED, even if the switch has commands assigned to it (while a LED requires a dataref instead).

This will be done with an extra option in the converter for adding a reference output dataref alongside input commands for such parameters. This way, the commands will be used when the parameter is assigned to an input, while the extra dataref will be used instead if this same parameter is assigned to a LED.

The option to do this will be added into the Converter soon.

5.  A fix in the function "Start_Mode_Sel" for some starter types,  A minor change in Speed Brake function for Laminar and Zibo B373.

Note: If you're updating from an earlier version than v1.0.68, you'll need to manually re-upload your board firmware!

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Update v1.0.71a:

- Fixed inconsistency in Pitot Heat parameters, including B737 conversion.

- Fixed a bug in the HCSCI custom "Dual_Bleed" function.

- Updated some parameters in built-in DR401 conversion.

- Some improvements in the new method of assigning LED datarefs to the same parameter as input commands. Currently used in the plugin's database for some parameters, will be added as an option to the converter later.

As example in the Laminar(+zibomod) B737 the same parameter name can be used now for Probe switch and Pitot Off LED (Pitot_L_Heat)

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1) You will be able to select the electric bus for each assigned LED driver in the configurator.
For example, if you have already assigned some pin## to an LED drivers chain, which can have up to 64 LEDs, and by clicking this pin, you can select the desired bus number.
All LEDs will then only operate at the rated voltage on the assigned bus.

2) The brightness knobs (BRT#_Ctrl) wich are assigned to encoders will have a function of brightness level saving and restoring automatically on start.
(Done: implemented in v 1.0.72)

3) Reworked functions for HCSCI Panel EFIS-84 EHSI display.

4)  Working on the new graphical CONFIGURATOR interface (in progress)

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- Added config map for the GCU 478 panel  (it's a new device added to  X-Plane  since v.11.50+)

- Added the mapping to the Flight Instruments section

- Added the mapping to the FUEL control section

- Support of the LE devices indication  added


New page in the INPUT section: more explanations about multiplexers wiring:

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Plugin Update -  v1.0.72:

- Reworked some Combo Radio functions. Added custom functions for Combo Radio 2.

- Brightness levels controlled by encoders (BRT#_Ctrl assigned to encoders, not axis) are now automatically saved after being changed, and loaded on next connection.

Plugin Update -  v1.0.73

- Removed some deprecated code from the connection protocol. Automatic firmware update should only trigger when the board has confirmed HCSCI firmware from at least v1.0.70.

- Reworked custom functions for EFIS-84 EHSI (included in B200 HCSCI Panel module).

- Changed the default mode of custom MFD LDU (used in HCSCI Panel) to display engine data (relevant if you don't have an input assigned for it).

Plugin Update -  v1.0.74:

- Support for multiple data ranges or values for LED indicators.

- Added custom parameters for a 3-position fuel transfer switch, fuel cut-off switch and the control that sets the limit to automatically disable fuel dump.

- Added an FMS select switch, so you can use a single FMS keyboard to control both devices, if you choose, saving inputs and extra work. Only works with predefined FMS key matrix.

Plugin Update -  v1.0.74a:

- Fixed a bug in EHSI Mode parameter passed to HCSCI Panel modules for B200 and standalone EFIS-84.

Plugin Update -  v1.0.75:

- Added custom parameters for separate left/right flaps indicators, with support for 1 or 2 sets of flaps.

- Expanded the functions of EFIS-84 for the next version of HCSCI Panel. EHSI "CRS SEL" button will now work for both Preset and Active arrows, depending on EHSI_CRS_Act switch position.

- Master board firmware has been updated to support more multiplexers.

- Ann_Dim parameters will now always run the plugin's relevant functions even if the parameters are converted.

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Coming soon - new configurator - preview:

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This preview really looks great.!

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