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Data Conversion (for aircraft models with custom dtarefs)

As described in the "How It Works" section, some HCSCI keywords need to be "remapped" by the plugin to related custom commands (datarefs) provided with a specific aircraft model.

Here you can download the data conversion file for your aircraft model (hcsci_planeName.dat) and place it in the folder of the aircraft it is used for - the same folder where the aircraft's "*.acf" file is located.

NOTE: For a few "custom" aircraft all assigned I/O parameters always work as-is without the need to have a conversion file, because their data conversions are embedded in HCSCI Plugin (such as Zibo mod of Laminar B737 and the freeware Aerobask Robin DR401 model).

Any data file for your aircraft that is available here may be incomplete yet, and authors may continue editing a plane conversion. The [>>>>] link in this table opens the HCSCI Converter for authors.

NOTE: to edit the convertion for a plane you need to be registered on our Q&A forum and request the editor status. This is requered for the minimum security reason, to eliminate accidental damage of the community files in the database.

To see what HCSCI keywords are used in the plane conversion, click the left column in the table (List). As editors can leave a short description (and location on the panel) in the related text field, you'll be able to identify them by the description if the keyword for a particular control is not obvious enough. Example

Custom conversion

The custom (personal) conversion can be used if there is no public conversion file for your plane in the table, so you can start your own conversion, based on the input/output configuration you made for your aircraft (data.cfg) using the appropriate parameter maps in the configurator.

You custom conversio can be added later as public, for community access.
Custom Conversion >>>>

Test the assigned controls in your custom plane. All HCSCI keywords that are working as-is do not need to be "converted" even the plane model has "custom" datarefs/commands for related functions.

Before starting, decide what input controls (switches, knobs) and indicators you want (and really need) to have in your home cockpit, and assign them all in the configurator. Don't waste your time and money trying to reproduce every useless and "odd" (for a home cockpit) switch and indicator, leave them as "dummy".

List Conversion FILE Converter
DA-62 - Aerobask >>>>
Piper PA-44 Seminole, Alabeo planned
Cessna 172 - AirFoil Labs >>>>
Baron B58 - Carenado Started
Epic E1000 - Aerobask >>>>
Embraer Phenom-300 - Aerobask >>>>
Pilatus PC6 - Thranda >>>>
DHC-6 Twin Otter - RWDesign >>>>
TBM900 - HotStart >>>>

King Air 350 - AirFoil Labs >>>>
B1900 - Carenado >>>>
B200 - Carenado >>>>
SAAB S-340 - Carenado >>>>
Embraer E195 - SSG >>>>
Embraer E195 - X-Crafts
Challenger CL300 - DDen >>>>
Dash-8 Q400 - FJS >>>>

Eurocopter EC135 - RotorSim >>>>

MD-80 - Rotate >>>>
Airbus A319 (320) ToLiss >>>>
Airbus A320 JarDesign >>>>
Airbus A321Neo-FXPL >>>>
Boeing B757 - FF >>>>
Airbus A320 FF + publish.txt >>>>

Plugin / Addons conversions
Plugins / Addons
Conversion FILE Converter
XHSI Glass Cockpit >>>>
REP Expansion Pack >>>>
RXP >>>>

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