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ARDref Arduino Library ( up to July, 2015)

CLOSED project, after June 2015 ARDref project is not updated, next ArdSim project was developed as replacement of ARDref and XPData. Successor of this project is ArdSimX Interface

ARDref project was initiated as alternative for XPData library and has different data exchange protocol.

  • ARDref uses only the plugin for data exchange between X-Plane and Arduino (without using built-in X-Plane UDP DATA protocol as XPData does). ARDref library works in conjunction with ARDref plugin using LAN UDP connection only.
  • Opposed to previous XPData libray no need to use functions with commands/datarefs for each pin in Arduino program code, the program includes only a small base code and ARDref library.
  • All configuration for Arduino inputs/outputs functions is presented as a simple "input and output config" text file. These two files for input and output are located in the plugin folder. All configuration for inputs (and outputs) was made using our "online configurator" for ARdref
  • For additional inputs/outputs you can add more Arduino boards (Uno, Mega, Micro etc ...) connecting them to the "master" board using 2-wire I2C bus.
  • Each analog input is configured with its specified precision - from 2 to 1000 steps of sensitivity.
  • No need to assign inputs (their modes) in Arduino and specify the input scan functions - the plugin will automatically send all configuration data to Arduino upon connection.
  • Some functions was included to the Arduino library for easier handling of outputs, such as LEDs and Servos.

In online input configurator for ARDref you can easily assign any Arduini pin for the input action you need - for Toggle button, Increment button, Set button, Toggle switch or Encoder.

As a minimum, for basic input/output interface only one Arduino Mega with Ethernet Shield and with the little "master" program uploaded to it. All Arduino boards in the system should use the ARDref Library - you need to upload the program code to every board using this library, adding it to Arduino IDE.

Closed because of I2C multiple long wires protocol instability and some coding issues.

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