What we are working on now:

June 13 - plugin version 1.0.78 released. See the changelog for details.

Working on these:

  • HCSCI Panel v4.13 - DONE

    Some fixes in EFIS-84 EADI. Turnslip indicator below the screen now work properly.

    Fixed Collins CTL-92 Transponder incorrect modes. Some corrections in KAP140 autopilot. Add working Tach Meter for Cessna 172 Engine RPM gauge.

  • HCSCI Panel - next update

    More corrections and improvements to EFIS-84.

  • Image-map for the configurator

    More image-maps are going to be added, working on it...

  • Circuit breaker parameters

    The generic circuit breakers will added to the database and to the configurator. They will be adding gradually, so just watch.

  • Editing startup actions for custom conversions

    Allows users to add commands that will be activated when a particular custom aircraft is loaded. Useful for opening switch covers in the virtual panel to prevent them from blocking inputs from your real cockpit.

  • CHANGELOG - (click to open the full HCSCI / SimVimCockpit Version history)

    Planned changes, or in development

    • Multi-board version of HCS Interface. No multiplexers (and no LED drivers?).

      The architecture consists only of several slave boards ( mini Mega2560 or Nano), connected in a chain with a two-wire connection to the master board (which is the Mega2560 too, but probably, also later can be a Raspberry Pi). Any number of boards can be used.

      This is sort of a throwback to our multi-board ArdRef interface, which was launched before ArdSim/X as an "intermediate" solution and, unfortunately, has not been completed and closed because of some issues. It's time to revive it on a different level (using the Serial communication protocol, USB or LAN connection, the user-friendly HCSCI configurator.

      Please leave your thoughts in the feedback form about the need for this version.

    • Raspberry-Pi version of HCSCI firmware

      Keeping a large number of inputs / outputs, and use minimum soldering but adding more performance and combine the SimVim Panel with input/output controls. The input multiplexers connected to one Rpi board, slave controller boards (SimVim LCD, Stepper, etc), other extensions...

    • HCSCI firmware for more additional, "slave" boards

      We intend to make HCSCI more "modular" separating it to several boards with firmwares designed to specific set of output devices. All these board will be connected to 2-wire interface, that can be laid across all your cockpit

      Along with "HCSCI LCD" firmware the same slave Uno/Nano board with "HCSCI LED" firmware is planned to be added for connecting up to 15 different 7-segment displays (maybe LED drivers too).

      Special slave Nano board for all "hardware" Power control (and maybe brightness) outputs

    Considering (not planned for now)

    • Support of the serial controller WS2812B for LEDs ( postponed)

      These LEDs are individually addressed, connected in serial chain, using just one output.

    • SimVim ESP32 (postponed!)

      - Porting the HCSCI on the ESP32 (Espressif), high performance, but very cheap platform
      - The first version has been made, tested, but it is doubtful that using this platform worths it.
      - ...