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List of converted HCSCI parameter keywords for DA62_Aerobask:

Last modified: June 05 2021 17:09:18. --- Download conversion

This is the list of parameter keywords used in this aircraft model's conversion file. All parameters listed here have already been converted and should work if you download the conversion file and have them configured in your cockpit.

The ">>>" mark means that an editor left a note regarding this parameter's function or placement of the control on the aircraft panel. Mouse over it to see the note.

Anti_Ice_Backup>>> Anti_Ice_Level>>> De_Ice_High>>> De_Ice_Max>>>
De_Ice_On>>> Defrost_Air_Flow>>> ECU1_Source>>> ECU1_Test>>>
ECU2_Source>>> ECU2_Test>>> ELT_ARM>>> ELT_Emit>>>
ESI_Mode>>> Fire_Test>>> Fuel_Pump1>>> Fuel_Pump2>>>
Fuel_Selector_L>>> Fuel_Selector_R>>> Fuel_XFR_L>>> Fuel_XFR_R>>>
Gear_Man_Down>>> Master_Start_1>>> Master_Start_2>>> Stby_Baro_STD>>>
Window_Fluid_Rate>>> Window_Fluid_Spray>>> Wing_Lights>>> Air_Level_Cabin>>>

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